Ten things you need to know about adopting a site with LRI:

  1. LRI has mapped available reforestation sites that will help in linking existing forests in three corridors
    • North from Ehden to Ehmej
    • Shouf
    • Rashaya el Wadi towards Masnaa
  2. You can find those maps under “Reforestation Activities in Lebanon” in the Interactive Maps located in the Forest Mapping section of this website.
  3. Click on the sites marked in green on the map for detailed information.
  4. Email us on info@lri-lb.org / Call us on 05-951521/6 if you’re interested in any of the sites marked. Give us the town name and we will send you a detailed customized proposal for reforestation activities on that site. Samples proposals are available under the “Resources and Materials” section of this website.
  5. For each adopted site, 4 actors are included in a common signed agreement:
    • You as a donor;
    • An experienced and trusted NGO with proven track records in reforestation as the implementing partner;
    • The local municipality as the landowner and responsible for site protection;
    • And LRI as technical assistance and supervision.
  6. Since LRI is fully funded by USAID, funding will be provided directly to the implementing NGO.
  7. Funding can be provided in one or deferred payments. Funding cycles should be no less than 2 years to ensure success of reforestation!
  8. Different stages of a reforestation project include:
    • Soil preparation
    • Seedling transportation and Planting
    • Maintenance and irrigation over 2 years
    • Monitoring and record keeping
  9. Local people are trained and hired to conduct the reforestation activities. The engagement of the local community is another important pillar for the success of reforestation!
  10. LRI organizes special planting days to engage your employees and families in reforestation.
  11. Once you adopt a site, it’s yours! A signage will be placed on the entrance of the adopted site showing clearly the contribution of the donor as well as the NGO and municipality participating to the reforestation efforts.

For any further information, please feel free to contact us on info@lri-lb.org or 00961-5-925521/6


Note: our website is currently being updated. Stay tuned for more maps, proposals and information.